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Çözüm Makina, since its establishment in 1997, has strengthened its position in the sector with the distributorship of heavy vehicle components it has added to its structure. Since 2013, it has gained a good reputation in the market, especially in occupational safety, through the technological partnerships it has established and distributorships of leading international brands in their fields.


Our Solutions

Software Engineering

We create the software you need on various platforms and offer end-to-end software design. With different infrastructures from embedded system software to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms, we provide monitoring and analyzing data service and software automation from concept to product.

Hardware Engineering

We have a strong expertise in embedded system, Analog / Digital complex card design and development. With our R&D teams we aim to develop products for Automotive, Industrial Sensor Network, Wireless Communication and Industrial Process Control segments, that customers need in a short time and significantly reduce their costs.

System Design

We believe that the best way to approach a solution is to work very closely with our customers. As a technology solutions and engineering partner, we play a vital role in our customers' success, We offer product and service design, optimization solutions and analysis techniques focusing on the end-to-end system level, with software and hardware components for various Industrial systems.

Technical Support / Consultancy

In order to realize Digital service / product design as a bridge between the physical and digital World and to define Digital Strategies together with our customers; We provide technical support and consultancy services with our expert R&D staff in different technical disciplines to create analysis, infrastructure decisions and products for systems such as cloud-based applications, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platforms.


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